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Professional Garden Care

Garden Life Landscapes are an energetic and proactive garden care company based in Surrey – with a passion and desire for turning outdoor living spaces into truly wonderful places.

Our team are highly skilled and are able to advise on all aspects of garden design and construction. 

We always ensure that the scale of the planting is consistent with the design, and that the selection of plants will provide constant interest and variation throughout the year. We use colour creatively to enhance the surrounding areas and carefully consider the proportions and views within the garden.

Once your project has been completed we also offer an ongoing maintenance service in order to care for and protect your beautiful garden.

 Lawn Care
 Jet Washing

All Tree Work
 Fully Insured
 Free Quotation


Block paving, driveway and patio installation services to an extremely high standard. We also provide a jet washing and moss removal service to keep your patio or driveway looking incredible.

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We can supply and fit a wide range of fencing panels and trellis to protect your garden and transform it into a beautiful outdoor space. 


We are experts at laying top quality soil and turf. We are also able to provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your lawn continues to look fantastic year after year.

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Recent Projects

Truly impressive work!

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"Garden Life Landscapes have been maintaining my garden for over a year now and aside from their truly impressive work around the garden, they are amongst the most polite and professional people I have ever met. Thank you Adam and James - keep up the good work!"
Graphic Designer

Need help with your garden?